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Dock Fender

Dock Fender

We are recognized as one of the prime Dock Fender Manufacturers & Exporters from India. Customers from all round the globe are placing repeated orders for the Dock Fenders due to their excellent performance in varied industrial applications.

Range :

  • Arch Fenders
  • M Fenders
  • Cell Fenders
  • Cylindrical Fenders
  • Work Boat Fenders

Shapes :

  • Hollow
  • Cylindrical
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • D Shape
  • V / W shaped
  • Cell Type
  • Cone Type

Ideal For :

  • Navy / Ships
  • Oil jetties
  • Tankers Tug boats
  • Barges
  • Lighterage vessels

Uses :

  • Used on berth, jetties, oil rigs, ferry boats & also on ships by ship builders, ship repairers by ports, dockyards to absorb the shock and to prevent damage to jetty as well as ships.

Specifications :

  • Suitable for small & large ships up to2.5 lakh tons DWT

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Material Stainless Steel
Application Industrial Use
Weight 10-20 Kg
Finishing Polished
Min diameter 2-4 Mm
Weight Up to 6 ton
Length Up to 5 meters

Arch Fenders

Arch  Fenders
  • High energy absorption & low reaction force.
  • Reduced stress concentration.
  • Base Steel mounting pads withopen legs give a wide degree of freedom during fitting
  • A wide selection of sizes and energy absorption capacities.
  • Embeded Metal parts fully protected against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Standard Sizes & Performance

Size (Height in mm)Reaction Force Per Mtr Fender (Tons)Energy Absorption Per Mtr Length (Ton-M)
Rubber Grade
RA 150 H17.415.20.80.7
RA 200 H23.420.31.41.2
RA 250 H29.
RA 300 H34.830.43.02.7
RA 400 H46.440.45.44.7
RA 500 H58.
RA 600 H69.560.611.910.6
RA 800 H80.760.821.419.0
RA 1000 H116.1101.033.529.7

"M" Fenders

  • High Energy Absorption & Low Rection Force.
  • Low Face Pressure.
  • Reduced Stress Concentration.
  • Lonegr Life.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Wide Selection of Size and Energy Capacities.
  • Maintanance Free Use.
  • Embedded Metal Parts Fully Protected Against Correction and Mechenical Damage.

Standard Sizes & Performance

Size (Height in mm)Reaction Force Per Mtr Fender (Tons)Energy Absorption Per Mtr Length (Ton-M)
Rubber Grade
RM 250 H39.0630.73.152.4
RM 300 H46.0037.04.493.5
RM 400 H61.1249.28.136.2
RM 500 H76.5261.612.819.8
RM 600 H92.0174.018.3614.1
RM 800 H122.7298.932.6125.0
RM 1000 H153.33123.351.1737.2

Cell Fenders

Cell Fenders
  • Economical design.
  • Reduceed Stress concentration.
  • Better performance even during critical angular berthing.
  • Reduced space requirement for fitting.
  • Convenient to fix large size frontal pad to cover high tidal variations.

Standard Sizes & Performance

Size (Height in mm)Rated Reaction Force (Tons)Rated Energy Absorption (Ton-M)
Rubber Grade
RC 400 H11.
RC 500 H18.616.53.63.2
RC 650 H29.626.37.16.3
RC 800 H47.342.014.412.8
RC 1000 H75.266.833.029.3
RC 1150 H99.588.350.244.6
RE1250 H117.6104.364.557.3
RC 1450 H158.2140.4100.789.4
RC 1600 H192.6171.0135.3120.1
RC 1700 H217.4193.0162.3144.1
RC 2000 H300.0319.9264.3234.6
RC 2250 H422.8375.2417.7370.0
RC 2500 H5220463.3573.0508.6
RC 3000 H580.0440.0670.0510.0

Cylindrical Fenders

Cylindrical Fenders
  • Simple in construction and easy for handling installation.
  • Wide degree of freedom against steamer's rolling & pitching.
  • Maintenance free service.

Sizes Available :
150 mm OD * 75 ID to 2000 mm OD * 1000 mm ID

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