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Work Boat Fender

Work Boat Fender

We are well-reckoned as one of the preeminent Boat Fender Manufacturers & Exporters from India. RANEs Dock Fenders play active role in many Ports & Harbours in India as well as overseas. Function and characteristics of fenders used in work boats or small jetties should have additional characteristics. The function of the ordinary fenders is to absorb the shock energy of a berthing ship. However, the fenders for a work boat or small jetties should resist the strong pushing pressure exerted by the ship after the berthing is over and above absorbing the berthing energy. RANELAST fender for work boat or small jetties has been developed after taking into consideration all the above factors. These fenders are manufactured by either extrusion or by using moulding process according to the requirements of customers.

Shape :

  • Hollow Cylindrical
  • Square Rectangular
  • â��Dâ�� Shaped
  • V/W Shaped
  • Arch Shapes
  • M Shapes
  • Cell Type
  • Cone Type
  • Leg Type

Ideal For :

  • Navy
  • Ships
  • Oil Jetties
  • Container Terminals
  • Dry Docks
  • Barges
  • Ferry Boats
  • Fibre Glass Boats
  • Pontoons
  • Catamarines

Tests :

  • Third Party Inspection :
  • Lloyds
  • SGS
  • BVQI


Material Natural Rubber
Diameter 220 mm
Weight 2.90 Kg
Volume 35 Litre
Temperature 20 Degree Celsius
Pressure 0.15 - 0.20 Bar

Square Solid Fender

Square Solid Fender
We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of Square Solid Fender, which is widely used at small ports, pontoon, fishing, boats, small vessels, tugs etc. The Square Solid Fender is well appreciated for its free from erection maintenance feature in the international markets.

Specifications :
150 X 150300 - 35075M 16
200 X 200300 - 400100M 24
250 X 250350 - 450125M 24
300 X 300350 - 450150M 30
350 X 350350 - 450150M 30

Flange Type Solid Fender

Flange Type Solid Fender
We bring forth Flange Type Solid Fenderthat is used commonly in diverse applications such as small ports, pontoon, fishing, boats, small vessels, tugs etc.

Specifications :
150350110650-780150M 16
200400120650-760200M 20
250475130650-740250M 20
300525140650-720300M 24
350650150650-800350M 24

Hollow Square Fender

Hollow Square Fender
We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Hollow Square Fender that is fabricated to be use at small ports, pontoon, fishing, boats, small vessels, barges, MA Chine structures etc.

Specifications :
150 X 150300-3506475M 1665 X 6
200 X 200300-40075100M 2080 X 10
250 X 250350-450100125M 24100 X 12
290 X 290350-450120150M 24100 X 12
300 X 300350-450125150M 24120 X 15
350 X 350350-450150150M 30150 X 18

Hollow D - Square Fender

Hollow D - Square Fender
Our Hollow D - Square Fender is known for high durability and maintenance free performance. We are a reliable name in manufacturing and exporting of high performing Hollow D - Square Fender.

Specifications :
100 X 140300-350607557M 1250 X 6
150 X 150300-400807563M 1665 X 8
200 X 200300-45010010080M 2080 X 10
400 X 4003500-450200150200M 30150 X 20

Wing Type Fender

Wing Type Fender
Wing Type Fender is extensively used at small ports, pontoon, fishing, boats, small vessels, barges, MA Chine structures etc. We are well reputed manufacturer and exporter of Wing Type Fender.

Specifications :
215 X 150300-4007511540
280 X 200350-4508018040
290 X 260350-4508019040
320 X 260350-4508020540
370 X250350-45010027065
370 X 250350-45012527065

Edge Protector

Edge Protector
We bring forth Edge Protector that is apt to use at upper edges of concrete berth and other marine structures at fishing. This Edge Protector is available in varied length and specification to meet demand of the clients.

Specifications :
  • Size Range : 30 Thick x 200 x 200
  • Length : 1000, 1500, 2000 & 2500

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